Sacha Inchi for hair and skin

Sacha Inchi oil is a food rich in unsaturated fatty acids and vitamins, excellent for health. In addition, over time it has been proven that thanks to these properties it is beneficial for treating skin and hair.

Help to:

  1. Increases to elasticity
  2. Has regenerative properties
  3. Stimulates the production of collagen, increasing the firmness of the skin and preventing wrinkles
  4. Activates a barrier function, preventing water loss and maintaining hydration for longer.
  5. Antioxidant properties, prevents cellular aging after sun exposure.
  6. Treatment of lipid control in acne, minimizing the appearance of pores and providing uniformity.
  7. It has been found to be an essential product for those people prone to dry and brittle hair since it provides elasticit.
  8. It reinforces local microcirculation, thanks to its high content of omega 3, which translates into an improvement in couperose.

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