Organic foods

What are organic foods?

Why consume organic foods?

Organic foods are those that have not been watered with chemicals such as pesticides, herbicides, artificial fertilizers and insecticides during their growing process.

These types of foods are treated naturally from the seed that is sown in the earth, to the fruit that it provides when it grows, thereby preserving its organic process

If during the development of the plant, it is infected by some type of pest, Irrigation is carried out with natural products, so that the soil preserves its productive capacity.

These foods are produced with the idea of not using any chemicals, that is, under no circumstances can chemicals be added to the foods, which is why it is a priority to be cautious in the packaging and storage processes of the food.

Society is creating an increasing collective consciousness, carrying out activities such as planting and consuming organic products, to stop and reduce climate change.

Organic foods contain a greater amount of nutrients, vitamins and fats compared to foods that use hormones, antibiotics, artificial colors and flavors.

Eating organic foods is a way to live well and healthily, since these products retain their natural properties and flavors.

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